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Lively and informative forum, and not just focussed upon bouldering. Expect discussions to flit between sport routes at Malham, the state of British climbing culture and the latest hot music tips. Interestingly the site is maintained by member donations.

The most prominent British climbing website, which is slowly mutating into an online magazine. The forum churns over at a mind boggling rate; there is also a news and articles section, a vast catalogue of members photographs, an events calender etc.

Planet Fear
Another UK based climbing site; this time with a large selection of articles and reviews and a pretty snappy news column.

Scottish Climbs
Scottish answer to UKC; lively forum, news, route and problem database, online guides, various downloadable films.

North Wales Bouldering
Busy news site run by Simon Panton, author of the North Wales Bouldering/Bowldro Gogledd Cymru guide.

North east based site run by Steve Crowe. Regular news items, plus various bits and bobs mostly focussing on the home region.

John Watson, author of the Stone Country bouldering guide to Scotland hosts a fine site illuminating the Scottish bouldering scene via a regular and dependable blog contained on his website.

Extensive photo record of popular boulder problems in this area of the Pennines. Regular news, lots of mini video clips, a grade voting and comment system for the selected problems, plus a growing selection of downloadable topos to crags across the region

BMC Regional Access Database
Keep up to date on access situations at the crags. This is always worth a quick look before you a set out on a climbing trip.

An astonishing array of free pdf guides to numerous bouldering venues across the area - effectively an online bouldering guide book for the Lakes/Lancashire bouldering scene. Also, regular news updates, a graded list, vids, piccy galleries, articles...

Dave Henderson's superb South West climbing site, includes a wealth of information, articles, news and a small selection of online guides.

Northumberland Bouldering
Lots of photos and news updates on the Northumberland scene from local lad Chris Graham. Plus photo galleries from from various UK/Euro bouldering crags.

South Lancs Bouldering
All you've ever wanted to know about bouldering in the South Lancashire grit quarries, but were afraid to ask. Regular news, mini guides, gallery, films etc. A neat site run by a couple of local enthusiasts.