The original print run showing some of the random straight lines on the Castell Helen topo

The re-printed version sans errors.

Purchasers of the new Gogarth South guide may have noticed the appearance of extra straight lines on some of the crag topos. Typically the start of a pitch line, which usually bends and twists according to the line of the route, has been joined by an extra straight line linking the start and finishing nodes.

This has occurred on p47 (route 8), p77 (route 37), p84 (same route line), p95 (route 15), p101 (same route, route 10), p113 (route 13, 19, 22, 25) p127 (route 19), p131 (same route), p159 (route 18) and p219 (route 58).

The strange thing is that the printer's ripped proofs were all fine, as were our working files. The printer accepted responsibility for this problem and agreed to produce a re-print of the entire print run.
The new books have now arrived in Llanberis and a batch has been sent on to our national distributor, Cordee.

If you have purchased a copy of the original guide and wish to swap it for one of the new error-free books then please return your book to the original place of purchase.

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